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Monday, June 15, 2015

Excuses... excuses...

     It is now June 15. The entire month of May is history. We are officially half past June. And this is my next post? Oy, vay!
     They say that life gets in the way of writing. And it really does. In this past month-plus, I have been working on other projects. I know it's a lame excuse, but it is true.
     I've been at Oriole park as often as my season tickets permit. I would have been there on May 3rd for the Tampa Bay Rays game, but some local insanity caused the game to be moved to Tampa. So I rescheduled my tickets for tomorrow, and I will see the O's play the Phillies at Camden Yards. My brother - a Phillies ticket holder - called me today to ask - no, beg my O's to be easy on the Phillies. Bro, the O's have been playing hot and cold running baseball. Your guys have the same chance to win as we do.
     My trusty garden is in varying states of completion. The front beds were done a few weeks ago. The back ones are in process. Ma Nature has been a pain in the tush with hot and humid weather before it's time. These HHH days are always accompanied by mega rain showers. It would have been done sooner, but each day I want to devote to outdoor work, has had interruption after interruption. I hope now that things seem to be settling down, I can get the back yard finished and looking great. At least the power washing was done.
    There were a few trips tacked into all of this hiatus stuff. A trip up to my sister's for Easter dinner was in order. That is now a two-day event, and I'm not complaining at all. I was back up to Philly at the end of May to see my nephew graduate from Rutgers Camden. In between, I went to Harrisonburg Virginia to see another nephew graduate from James Madison University. While in Virginia, I needed to make payment on my daughter's wedding venue. I can' forget my trip to Massachusetts, either. I needed to get up to see my son's family.
     Some writing did get done. My Newsbuoy article was on time, along with the two others I was committed to for the last edition. My church newsletter was done and out on time. That's a purely editorial gig, but it still takes time to collect the articles and organize the edition.
     After all that work, my computer decided to take a dive. Now I am typing this on a new system, while my old files are copied from my external back-up drive. And three hours later.... guess it's all those pictures.
     Now to set more goals for the summer months... I will post again in the next few days. While on my trips, I collected more fodder for this blog. Now to sort through it all and write about it. I am going to enjoy all the baseball I can. I will also go sit by my community beach as often as Ma Nature allows. I will even out my farmer tan - mainly because my mother of the bride dress requires it. And I will relax more this summer. There's only one trip planned before the big wedding day in Virginia and that involves wedding planning. I will shop my two picture book manuscripts to other publishers, too. My garden will look great too, by the end of the summer.
      And all of this will happen........ when?
     Can I get an "oy, vay"?

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