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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Help! I've fallen off the face of the earth!

Rule #3 - Experience Everything

Wow! Does time fly!

There has been so much happening, I haven't had a chance to write it all down yet. Since the last post I've done a lot of traveling. I never once thought I'd get tired of packing myself up and taking off for parts unknown. But - believe it or not - I have. It's mid-December and I'm home. I'm tired. I need to get ready for the holidays.

But, I have been sticking to my rules. In the past month or so, I managed to do the PiBoIdMo (more later) and now I have an index card file of ideas, characters, character profiles, and story lines for kids' books. I drove by myself to Ohio. Got a chance to spend some serious q-time with my brother and his family. We found another winery (this should surprise NO one). Massachusetts played host to me for Thanksgiving. Then, it was back to Williamsburg for the Grand Illumination. More on all of this later.

In between all of this, my furnace decided it needed work. One new oil tank later - and a surprise greeting of 43 degrees in the house upon return from Virginia - I am back giving thanks and praise to the gods of central heating. With doors open and weather getting colder, guess which of the animal persuasion decided to bunk in for a while? You guessed right if you guessed mice. There was quite a lot of evidence of Mickey's presence in various areas of the house. Oh Mickey, it's not fine! You're in my house, which blows my mind. No, Mickey! Go, Mickey! Traps, baits, and poisons used - and now I hope he's gone to the Great Cheese Factory in the sky.

Add to this, all the events, meetings, discussions, and paperwork that goes with my church work. Our parish is in the process of consolidating with another local parish. There are deadlines set and they need to be met. I plan to do the best I can with this stuff. The timing stinks on all of these deadlines.

Guess all of this was Karma's way of keeping my mind busy through a rough anniversary. Yes, it's been a year since Hub passed. The professional pundits were right - the first year SUCKS! All the paperwork and decisions that need to be made - it all came crashing down around my head. Now, as I go into year two, I find myself trying to redefine myself as a newly minted single. It's now time to start actually cleaning out Hub's things. It's time to get back to work writing seriously. It's time to take a few more steps toward moving on. Ok, year two REALLY SUCKS!

Now I need to get some things taken care of around the house - like housework. My pet dust bunnies - Kevin, Stuart, Ted, and all their friends - took over parts of the house. I need to sweep them out. Time to finish Christmas shopping, then wrapping. Time to decorate for Christmas. There are some people who still don't know that Hub is gone, so I need to remedy that.

Someone said that sleep was overrated. I will debate that issue, but right now I must buy into it. I really need to organize myself a bit better. Here's hoping it can happen.

I have to make it so... Christmas is coming!

Breathe, Self! Now pay the bills, and get cracking... Where's the coffee?

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