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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Sanity Cause! Part 3 - the Quest for Relaxation

Rule #38 – Seek balance

     You know how some days, you’re the pigeon? Some days, you’re the statue? And other days, you just fly? You never get the “fly” time for any length of time. At least I don’t. More often than not, I’ve got my share of “statue” days, where it seems that the whole world is just a-crappin’ all over me.

     Vacations are about finding some balance in your life… living like a pigeon for a bit. It’s a time to unwind some… or just fly and enjoy the view.

     The vacation resort at Massanutten – bless them! – has lots of planned activities for us big kids. One that both families like to take in is the weekly Craft Fair/Cocktail party. I know it sounds like an odd combination, but it works. Each Monday in the summer, the ski lodge deck is transformed with local crafts people selling their wares. Some of the trip vendors who operate from the resort set up shop and sign people up for the day trips. You may even find your local neighborhood author, available for sales and autographs!

     One of the biggest reasons to check out this event is the wine tasting (now there’s a surprise). This year, the resort added beer tasting to the event. For a flat fee, you get to sample Stone Mountain winery’s fruits and/or the brewery’s brews. Yes, there is cheese with the wine. Some great mini meatballs, too. It really becomes a cocktail party as you discuss your reactions to the tastings, how the rude Yankee fans cut in front of you in line, what you will taste next, who do you see about refilling the cheese tray…. You know all the important things in life. With each tasting of wine or beer, you can feel the stress evaporate from your soul.

     I got a chance to talk some “shop” too, with Anne Mullen. She’s the local author I mentioned above, a resident of nearby Standardsville VA. My daughter bought one of her books last year and had it read cover to cover before we checked out at the end of the week. She bought the next in the series, and I got the third. Now it’s swap time!!!  Yes, my professional writing goal is to write for kids. But I need to read adult books too, to become exposed to different writing styles. You can never learn too much in this biz. Hmmm, is a book review in my near blog future?

     Well, if you can’t relax at a cocktail party – even an outdoor one – you have a bit of a problem. After that cocktail party, the ladies had no problems at all….. yay-ah!

     Then, my sister-in-law, my daughter and I took our already chilled out selves to the Massanutten Spa for our massage and facial. We were going for the super chillax on this day.

     The Spa is housed in its own building now, near the Woodstone Recreation Center. They offer a variety of services from massages and facials, to manicures, pedicures, sports massages and more. It’s not just a chick thing, either. Men and women avail themselves of the therapeutic massages, individually and as couples.

     You enter the building to the sound of an indoor water feature. Relaxing music plays throughout the whole building. You can’t check in without starting to chill out.

     The massage therapists tailor the massage to your needs at the moment. If you are having trouble with a joint, or you pulled something pitching your golf clubs at a woodchuck, the therapists at the Spa will work to loosen up and relieve as much pain as possible. My therapist focused on my neck, shoulders and upper back, since she found they were extremely tight. (All hail, computer work!) She also worked a sports cream into my arthritic knee. During the facial, she also went back to the shoulders and neck. I must have been wound up tight! But after that one-hour session, I felt like I could take on the world and all the pigeons in it. I could fly!

     The saddest part of this event is the cold towel… the signal that the facial and massage are about over. Oh well, all good things have to come to an end… even massages. But you couldn’t help but feel relaxed, at peace with the world.

     Check it all out at  http://www.massresort.com/v.php?pg=471.

     How long that peaceful, easy feeling lasts is up to you. For me, it was mission accomplished today on the quest for relaxation. Now to keep this feeling going…


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