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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

She's got a ticket to Burger Nirvana

Rule #3 – Write from your experiences.

Dear Bobby Flay,

     To start with, YOU ROCK!!! I’ve always enjoyed watching you grill up a storm on TV. But now I am able to sample your recipes first hand? Let’s just say, I’m in heaven!

     My past two trips to New Jersey introduced me to your Bobby’s Burger Palace in Cherry Hill. My sister is a regular there and recommended, what she calls, the best burgers on the planet. I was a bit hesitant to try the restaurant, since I’m trying to watch my weight. But even on the strictest of weight reduction plans, an occasional burger works. After all, it’s not the burger itself, but all the stuff that goes with it. And the word of the way is “occasional”, right?

     The atmosphere from the décor is a trip back in time. Colors and designs remind me of the Mod days of the 60’s and 70’s. The music is classic, too. Your sound system was pumping in the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and Credence. I half expected to turn around and find Austin Powers enjoying a meal nearby. We sat at the counter and grooved and ate, ate and grooved, talked to counter-mates, grooved and ate some more.

     Both of us ordered burgers cooked to order. They were delivered exactly as ordered. Living in the Baltimore-Washington area now, I craved a bit of Philly, so I got the Philadelphia burger. It was a perfect portion of fresh ground beef, hand-formed and cooked to perfection at medium-well. A slice of provolone cheese, grilled onions on top of a soft, sesame seed roll and this transplant was close to cheesesteak heaven. The burger came with jalapenos but I requested them on the side. And your crew obliged! I did elect not to crunchify the burger (add potato chips to the burger). But I love the fact that I can choose my burger toppings, and I’m not stuck with the stock recipe. My sister was even able to avoid the sesame seeds on her burger bun with no problem.

     The big splurge was the fries. I am highly addicted to sweet potato fries. When I fix them at home, I dip into maple syrup for a Thanksgiving Day rewind for the taste buds. You have a honey mustard horseradish dipping sauce that is spectacular!! I cruised your website to see if I could buy some for myself, but no go – yet. I sure hope you choose to market that particular product. It has such a great mix of sweet and spicy, yet it was not hot at all. My taste buds salute you for this sauce. And those onion rings reminded me of bangle bracelets, they were so big! Lovin’ it!

     On my next visit, I plan to save enough calories to indulge in a milk shake, with whipped cream, of course. I may try another sandwich or salad on the menu. Maybe I’ll go for the best of both worlds and have a Topless Burger. Lucky for me, I don’t have to go too far to find a BBP. There’s one just off the George Washington University campus in DC. One of these days, I’ll venture down on the Metro Orange line to Foggy Bottom, walk over to 21st and K Streets, and take my taste buds and psyche for a trip down memory lane and into nirvana.

     I hear you are opening a restaurant at Maryland Live at Arundel Mills. I just can’t wait to see which one it will be. A Mesa Grill? A Steak House? A Bar Americain? Another Burger Palace? I’ll be checking your website, http://bobbyflay.com/restaurants, to see which one and when it will open. As they say, I’m chomping at the bit.

     Maybe our paths will cross at one of your restaurants. Till then…


A True Foodie, Me

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