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Monday, December 5, 2011


Interesting word, gratitude. It means being grateful or thankful for the things you have. It’s definitely an attitude, or a way of approaching your life events.

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving. It’s the one time we are supposed to stop and give thanks. Many families incorporate this into the pre-meal toast or grace.  Those present offer their reasons to be thankful on that one day. We didn’t do that as part of our celebration this past week, but I want to list some things now:

  • I’m glad I was born, when I was. It was a simpler time, but things became more complex as I grew older. I got to learn how to change with the times. Now when things change, I just say, “Oh, (insert cuss word of choice here)! Keep on moving.”
  • I’m grateful for my Catholic faith. It’s been under the microscope lately, as is the whole “church participation” thing.  I’m glad I continue to participate actively, and that I live in a country that allows me to choose my own path toward God.
  • I thank God each day for my family. I’d be nothing without my husband, my kids, in-laws, grandkid, siblings, etc. On second thought, I would be something - very lonely. Not good for anyone.
  • I am grateful for my ability to think for myself. I worked in a few “corporate America” positions. I’ve seen what that mindset does to creativity and how those who really do “think out of the box”, like they say they want you to do, are not appreciated. I’m glad and thankful that I’m not part of that any longer.
  • I thank heaven for the opportunities I’ve had, that I’ve taken, and those yet to come. No matter what the talking heads on TV may say, I believe the best is yet to come. Will there be speed bumps on this road of life? Sure, but they don’t have to break you down. Be ready.
  • I’m very grateful for my health. I’ve tried to take care of myself. It may not look like I’ve been successful on the surface, but I am in pretty good shape. No I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Nor do I want to. I want to enjoy life, and I can’t do that if I have to conform to a misguided view of “normal”.
  • I’m thankful for my ability to trust. Yes, I watch the evening news and the garbage they lead off the broadcasts. Yet I still trust in the basic good of humanity. It’s there somewhere, under I-Pods, tablets, 6 inches of make-up, stiletto heels, Armani suits, bonuses, Occupy signs, and all that. You just have to dig for it. I’m still digging with a lot of people.

 If I continue to list, the items will begin to repeat. Let’s just suffice to say that I am grateful for everything in my life, even the negative stuff. Hey, if there wasn’t any negativity, how would we know when things are going well?

I hope this attitude of gratitude shows to all I meet. Life is a great gift. Thank you, Lord, for everything.

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