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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Observe Life

Try to imagine drums in the background.  

It was another typical mid-day and the harvest was bountiful for those seeking sustenance.  Many came seeking nourishment and comfort. Females brought their young, teaching them by example how to hunt and gather, whether they want to learn this skill or not. Some males accompanied their females, sometimes providing assistance. Some males accomplished this task in solitude.

You can witness many different methods for the acquisition process. There is the commando, who moves around with stealth and speed, zeroing in on their exact needs.  Movement is swift, exacting. Others in their path are merely speed bumps on the road toward accomplishing their goal. There are the dazed refugees from Zombieland, who move slowly as if overwhelmed by the abundance. Movement for them is relaxed, lazy. There is no hurry to complete the task.  They must stop and handle each item, as if to obtain an aura from it.  There are those focused on pleasing, who are in constant contact with other members of their party. They stop and start often, shifting locations in frantic search. There are many just focused on the procurement job of the moment, with little thought to future needs. Movement for these resembles a lightning strike, swift and accurate. 

You cannot tell by looking at them what drives this process. Was it the sight of the abundance? Was it the blend of smells? Was it truly the need for satiety? Was it the thrill of the hunt? Was it the satisfaction of mission accomplished?

Ah, yes, it was another typical mid-day at the food section of your local WalMart.

One may safely assume that I hate shopping. One former student reminded me that I “wasn’t a real woman, because” I don’t enjoy the shopping part of my life. I really don’t care. When I do have to go shopping, and if I am not on a personal procurement mission, I try to do some people-watching.  The job can then be palatable, humorous, and, yes, almost enjoyable. Notice I said almost.

Beware the commando shopper! Me!

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